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Panorama of Aerosol System described in more detail below
Basic aerosol system: nephelometer, PSAP, CNC, impactor box, process control for basic system + 2 filter racks
Humidifier system: two nephelometers with humidity conditioner in-between
2 filter sampling units: one collects aerosol samples for organic mass analysis (collaboration with scripps oceanic institute), the other collects aerosol samples for inorganic mass analysis (collaboration with NOAA-PMEL)
Cloud condensation nuclei counter (CCNC) and Scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS): -CCNC counts number of CCN as function of super-saturation scans 7 supersaturations over the course of 1hr. SMPS measures particle size distribution (collaboration with IFT in Leipzig, Germany)
Exterior view of the pumpbox
Interior view of the pumpbox