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Station Information
Category: Perturbed Continental
Collaborating Institutes:
Status: Operational July, 1994
Site Info: Contacts:
Aerosol Trailer: 217-863-2404
Mike Snider: 217-244-8716 (ISWS), 217-265-3371 (pager), 217-493-9780 (cell)
Clyde Sweet: 217-333-7191 (ISWS)
Mark J. Rood: 217-333-6963 (UIUC)

Mailing address:
Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS)
2204 Griffith Dr
Champaign, IL 61820-7495
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Aerosol profiles at BND

In June 2006 an instrumented light aircraft will begin flying vertical profile flights over the Bondville site. This Airborne Aerosol Observatory will measure aerosol optical properties, size distribution, chemistry and hygroscopicity. There will also be gas monitors on board for CO2 and ozone.

Hygroscopic growth at BND

Since 1995 measurements of the hygroscopic growth (f(RH)) factor have been made at BND through a collaboration between NOAA/ESRL and the University of Illinois. These results show both similarities and differences with f(RH) measurements made at other sites.

BND Aerosol Properties Plots

Statistical Summary Plots - Multi-year record of final aerosol and atmospheric property data.

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Atmospheric Properties

These plots are designed to provide a quick look at the measured aerosol properties. They display raw unedited data, but known corrections for instrument errors have been applied.

Short-Term Status Plots (last 48 hours) Long-Term Averaged Plots (hourly averages, last 30 days)
Extensive Parameter SummaryExtensive Parameter Summary
Spectral CoefficientsSpectral Coefficients
Spectral Coefficients (Humidified) Plot Not AvailableSpectral Coefficients (Humidified) Plot Not Available
Intensive Parameter SummaryIntensive Parameter Summary
Intensive Parameter Summary (Humidified) Plot Not AvailableIntensive Parameter Summary (Humidified) Plot Not Available
f(RH) Plot Not Availablef(RH) Plot Not Available
CCN Fit Parameters Plot Not AvailableCCN Fit Parameters Plot Not Available
Wind Speed and DirectionWind Speed and Direction
CNC Status/FlowsCNC Status/Flows
CCN Status Plot Not AvailableCCN Status Plot Not Available
PSAP StatusPSAP Status
CLAP AbsorptionCLAP Absorption
CLAP StatusCLAP Status
Nephelometer Background ReferenceNephelometer Background Reference
Nephelometer Background Reference (Humidified) Plot Not AvailableNephelometer Background Reference (Humidified) Plot Not Available
Nephelometer StatusNephelometer Status
Nephelometer Status (Humidified) Plot Not AvailableNephelometer Status (Humidified) Plot Not Available
Temperature, Humidity and Dew PointTemperature, Humidity and Dew Point
Filter StatusFilter Status
uMAC StatusuMAC Status

Summary Status Plots

One Year Summary Status Plots Time Series (Entire Record) Summary Status Plots
Nephelometer StatusNephelometer Status
Wet Nephelometer Status Plot Not AvailableWet Nephelometer Status