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Category: Mobile - See ARM DOE AMF page for current location information
Collaborating Institutes:
Status: Mobile - See ARM DOE AMF page for current operation status
Site Deployment Locations:
  • Manacapuro, Brazil, 3.21 S, 60.6 W, December 2013 - 2015
  • Cape Cod, MA, 42.07 N, 70.20 W, July 2012 - June 2013
  • Nainital, India, 29.36 N, 79.46 E, June 2011 - April 2012
  • Graciosa, Azores, 39.08 N, 28.03 W, May 2009 - December 2010
  • Shouxian, China, 32.56 N, 116.78 E, May - December 2008
  • Hesselbach, Germany, 48.54 N, 8.40 E, March-December 2007
  • Niamey, Niger, 13.48 N, 2.17 E, December 2005- December 2006
  • Pt. Reyes, CA, 38.09 N, 122.96 W, March-September 2005
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The ARM Mobile Facility (AMF) is part of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) ARM Climate Research Facility (ACRF), a national user facility for the purpose of providing this unique asset for the study of global change to the broader national and international research community ( ESRL is funded by ACRF to serve as Instrument Mentor for the AMF Aerosol Observing Sytem.

The ARM Mobile Facility is funded and operated by the Department of Energy/Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (DOE/ARM) program. NOAA/ESRL/GMD serves as a mentor for the ARM aerosol observing systems (AOS).

The ARM Mobile Facility (AMF) offers the opportunity to deploy an aerosol observing system in multiple locations with a variety of aerosol conditions.

  • The first deployment (April-September, 2005) was during the MArine Stratus Radiation Aerosol and Drizzle (MASRAD) campaign.

AMF Aerosol Properties Plots

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Atmospheric Properties

These plots are designed to provide a quick look at the measured aerosol properties. They display raw unedited data, but known corrections for instrument errors have been applied.

Short-Term Status Plots (last 48 hours) Long-Term Averaged Plots (hourly averages, last 30 days)
Extensive Parameter SummaryExtensive Parameter Summary
Spectral CoefficientsSpectral Coefficients
Spectral Coefficients (Humidified)Spectral Coefficients (Humidified)
Intensive Parameter SummaryIntensive Parameter Summary
Intensive Parameter Summary (Humidified)Intensive Parameter Summary (Humidified)
CCN Fit ParametersCCN Fit Parameters
Wind Speed and Direction Plot Not AvailableWind Speed and Direction Plot Not Available
CNC Status/FlowsCNC Status/Flows
CCN StatusCCN Status
PSAP StatusPSAP Status
CLAP AbsorptionCLAP Absorption
CLAP StatusCLAP Status
Nephelometer Background ReferenceNephelometer Background Reference
Nephelometer Background Reference (Humidified)Nephelometer Background Reference (Humidified)
Nephelometer StatusNephelometer Status
Nephelometer Status (Humidified)Nephelometer Status (Humidified)
Temperature, Humidity and Dew PointTemperature, Humidity and Dew Point
Filter Status Plot Not AvailableFilter Status Plot Not Available
uMAC StatusuMAC Status

Summary Status Plots

One Year Summary Status Plots Time Series (Entire Record) Summary Status Plots
Nephelometer StatusNephelometer Status
Wet Nephelometer StatusWet Nephelometer Status