SEAS Seminars: Sustainable Energy and Atmospheric Sciences

A seminar series designed to enhance communication and collaboration among scientists at NOAA/ESRL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and others in the community working on issues related to renewable energy. Key meteorological questions must be answered to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in the U.S. This series brings together those who can combine their knowledge and expertise to solve the problems that have slowed the integration of renewable energy sources into the U.S. electric grid. Scientists at the University of Colorado, School of Mines, Colorado State University, the National Center for Atmospheric Research and private industry are encouraged to participate. The location will alternate between NOAA in Boulder and NREL in Golden (location details below), as will the affiliation of the speakers.


Speaker Title Date Time Location
Dr. Jeffrey S. Whitaker Using Ensemble Forecasts to Improve Data Assimilation for Weather Prediction 15 Jan 2014 1:30 pm DSRC

Past Seminars

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Seminar Locations

NOAA David Skaggs Research Center (DSRC), Room GC402, Boulder
Seminars in Boulder are held at the David Skaggs Research Center, 325 Broadway, Boulder, Colorado. If you plan to attend and do not work at NOAA, please contact Rhonda Lange (Phone: 303-497-6045) at least one day in advance, so that she can give your name to the security office to facilitate your entrance to the campus. Visitors must have photo identification. International attendees are required to present a passport. We will have additional staff to hand out badges to visitors who call ahead. Please aim to arrive at least a half hour early, to allow time to get through security, and then enjoy coffee and cookies while meeting your old and new wind-energy and solar-energy colleagues.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Education Center (NREC), Golden
Seminars in Golden are held at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Education Center in Golden, CO. If you have questions, please contact Judy Will at NREL (Phone: 303-275-3098).