2014 ESRL Director's Office Seminars

IMPORTANT: As of July 21, 2014, Visitor Center Security will no longer be able to accept IDs from some US states for site access. Please see security procedures for details.






Jeff de La Beaujardiere NOAA Environmental Data Management Activities 16 Jun 9:30 am GC402
Amitabh Nag & Ryan Said Vaisala's Precision and Global Lightning Detection Capabilities 29 May 1 pm GC402
Sylvia Murphy & Luca Cinquini Earth System CoG and the Earth System Grid Federation: A Partnership for Improved Data Management and Project Coordination 09 Apr 3 pm GC402
Duane Ratliff & Paul Joss A New Technique for Remote Measurement of the Intensities of Tropical Cyclones 09 Jan 2 pm GC402


If you plan to attend and do not work at NOAA, please contact Rhonda Lange at least one day in advance, so that she can give your name to the security office to facilitate your entrance to the campus. Visitors must have approved photo identification. We will have additional staff to hand out badges to visitors who call ahead. If security personnel asks for a point of contact, please use Rhonda Lange (x6045) or Holly Palm (x6000). If you are a foreign national without permanent residency, please call or email so security can be notified in advance.

Please see our Visitor Page for maps, directions, and important security information for visitor site access.

NOTE: All seminar attendees agree not to cite, quote, copy, or distribute material presented without the explicit written consent of the seminar presenter. Any opinions expressed in the seminar are those of the speaker alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of NOAA or ESRL.