Jan Kazil

Jan Kazil photo

CIRES Scientist III

Cloud & Aerosol Processes

Mailing address:
NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division
325 Broadway, R/CSD2
Boulder, CO 80305 USA

Phone: (303) 497-5820
Email: Jan.Kazil@noaa.gov


Clouds are a key element in Earth's climate system. Their response and feedback to climate change is a leading source of uncertainty in projecting Earth's climate. Dr. Kazil investigates how ocean clouds respond to variations and trends in atmospheric large scale circulation, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric composition, and thereby impact Earth's climate. Ocean clouds play a critical role because of their large areal coverage and the high contrast between the reflective cloud tops and the dark, radiatively absorptive ocean surface. In his research, Dr. Kazil addresses phenomena such the effects of sea spray aerosol and of biogenic emissions from the ocean on clouds, effects of natural and artificial aerosol on ocean clouds, and the consequences for Earth's radiation balance, climate, and the future of the climate system.

Current Topics

  • Ocean clouds
  • Aerosol and cloud processes
  • Boundary layer dynamics
  • Clouds in the climate system

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