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Daniel Lack

Daniel Lack photo

Research Scientist III, seprated

Cloud & Aerosol Processes


2003 PhD Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics

  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia
  • Thesis: Modeling the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosols
1998 Bachelors of Applied Science - 1st Class Honours: Geochemistry
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia
1997 Bachelors of Applied Science - Applied Chemistry - with distinction
  • Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia


  • Optical properties of atmospheric aerosols.
  • Development and characterization of instrumentation for measuring aerosol absorption.
  • Characterization of particulate emissions from commercial marine shipping
  • Effects of current and potential international policy instruments on emissions from commercial shipping.

Current Topics


  • Climate impacts of black carbon from shipping.
  • Effect of fuel quality regulation on emissions from commercial shipping.
  • Measurement of aerosol absorption enhancement using direct techniques.
  • Measurement of the optical properties of brown carbon.
  • Optical properties on biomass burning aerosol.
Instrument Development
  • 5 Channel - 3 Wavelength Photo-Acoustic Aerosol Absorption Spectrometer
    • Successfully deployed on-board NOAA WP3 research aircraft during 2010 CalNex field campaign.
    • For aerosol absorption of black and brown carbon.
  • 8 Channel - 3 Wavelength Cavity Ring-Down Aerosol Extinction Spectrometer
    • For aerosol extinction of atmospheric aerosol. Relative humidity dependence of aerosol extinction.
    • For deployment summer 2010 on-board NOAA WP3 research aircraft.

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