Christine Ennis

Christine Ennis photo

Scientific and Technical Assistant to the Director

Office of the Director

Mailing address:
NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division
325 Broadway, R/CSD
Boulder, CO 80305 USA

Phone: (303) 497-7538

I provide CIRES management and leadership for the Earth System Research Laboratory's Chemical Sciences Division in scientific, technical, communication/outreach, and management/administrative matters of the Division and its CIRES and federal staff.


B.S., 1975, Purdue University
Ph.D., 1985, University of Colorado-Boulder


Scientific communication in the areas of ozone-layer depletion, climate, and air quality; coordination and scientific/technical editing of state-of-understanding assessment reports for decision support, especially related to the Montreal Protocol on the ozone layer; management and coordination of administrative, technical, scientific, and communication matters related to CIRES and federal staff of the Chemical Sciences Division.

Current Topics

Work has just concluded for the 2014 scientific assessment for the U.N. Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. The report was published online in September 2014 (Assessment for Decision-Makers PDF file) and December 2014 (full report).

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last modified: January 20, 2015