TOPDOWN 2014 Instruments

Measured Parameter Method Time Resolution Detection Limit Principal Investigator
CO, CO2 and Methane (CH4) Wavelength scanned cavity ring-down spectroscopy 2.5 sec ?? Anna Karion/Tim Newberger
Ethane Tunable infrared laser direct absorption spectroscopy 1 sec 80 ppt Eric Kort/Mackenzie Smith
Flask Samples GC Mass Spectrometry ? ? GMD
O3 UV Absorption 2 sec 1 ppbv Russ Schnell
SP2 Black Carbon Intracavity laser-induced particle incandescence 1 sec 10 ng/m3 Shuka Schwarz/John Holloway
Aircraft meteorological and position data Various aircraft instruments, GPS 1 sec various Ken Aikin/Jeff Peischl