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BioCORN 2011 Instruments

Instrument Species Measured Technique PI's ICARTT file prefix
Sonic anemometer Winds fluxes Eric Williams / Brian Lerner ??
LiCor7500 Open-path CO2, H2O, T fluxes Eric Williams / Robert Zamora ??
Chemiluminescence O3, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, SO2 fluxes Eric Williams / Brian Lerner ??
Radiometers J values radiation Brian Lerner ??
LAI meter LAI LAI Thomas Karl ??
PTR-MS VOCs fluxes Martin Graus ??
Acid CIMS Organic/inorganic acids mixing ratios and fluxes Carsten Warkene ??
GC-MS VOCs mixing ratios

Brian Lerner / Carsten Warneke

LiCor6400 Plant physiology leaf flux levels Allyson Eller ??
Soil Chambers VOCs, NOx soil fluxes Chris Gray ??
Parallel GC-FID??? Sesquiterpene and monoterpene gradients gradients Detlev Helmig ??
sesqiterpene cartridges Sesquiterpene and semivolatiles gradients Peter Harley ??