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NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown
Ship, Meteorological, Photometric, Gas-phase, and Aerosol Data.

Additional NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown from NOAA PMEL
Ship, Meteorological, Photometric, Gas-phase, and Aerosol Data.

AIRMAP Air Quality and Weather/Climate
New England Real-Time and Archived Data since 2001 for a variety of species at several New Hampshire sites.

NOAA ETL Wind Profilers
Doppler Lidar from Rye Harbor, NH vertical profiles of the horizontal wind in both ascii and graphical format. Two sets of profiles were produced for each day: Low-angle profiles (elevation angle < 5 degrees) and high-angle profiles (elevation angle > 5 degrees).
Land-based Wind Profiler Network profiles in ascii and image format at numerous stations. Data is organized by type (i.e. 915-MHz wind profiler) and station (i.e. Plymouth, MA).

Plymouth State Meteorological Data Archives
Daily Synoptic Summary Discussions, Surface, Satellite, Radar, Upper Air Data Maps and more.

DOE/National Laboratories G-1 aircraft
Aircraft, Meteorological, Gas-phase, and Aerosol Data.

NEAQS Data Catalog PDF file
Available NEAQS data with full descriptions and access information. Last updated 30 May 2003.