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Products in support of MASE2

GOES images

View GOES images of the MASE2 study region. Theses images were updated every 30 minutes during this campaign. Image loops and archived images are available at the bottom of the table.

Hours back in time 1 km visible: Eastern Pacific 1 km visible: Monterey region 4 km IR: Eastern Pacific
0 X X X
1 X X X
2 X X X
3 X X X
4 X X X
5 X X X
6 X X X
7 X X X
8 X X X
9 X X X
10 X X X
11 X X X
12 X X X
13 X X X
14 X X X
15 X X X
16 X X X
17 X X X
18 X X X
19 X X X
20 X X X
21 X X X
22 X X X
23 X X X
24 X X X
12-hour image loop Loop Loop Loop
24-hour image loop Loop
Archive Archive Archive Archive