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Cloud & Aerosol Processes: Research Platforms

Research platforms used for field campaigns.

Research platforms used for field campaigns: NOAA WP-3D aircraft, NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown, typical ground site.

A variety of platforms are used to conduct Cloud & Aerosol Processes research. These include airplanes, ships, and ground sites.


The NOAA WP-3D has been used in many field missions. In addition, instruments have been flown on the NASA DC-8 and NASA WB-57.


The NOAA R/V Ronald H. Brown has been used in group participating field projects. In addition, instruments have been deployed on the R/V Atlantis, operated by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Ground Sites

Ground sites include trailers and tall towers, including the Boulder Atmospheric Oberservatory (BAO) in Erie, CO. The Physical Sciences Division at NOAA ESRL runs the BAO tower.